Best Halal (HMC) Restaurants in East London

After eating at almost all the Halal restaurants I could come across around East London area I started to search online for places where I could enjoy a good Halal meal. Even with some of my technology skills I couldn’t find any new restaurants to enjoy good Halal food, so I thought of compiling a list of all the restaurants I’ve been to where I enjoyed the food and the ambiance and would recommend it to everyone who is looking for good food to eat out.

I am a bit particular or you can say a bit fussy when it comes to Halal food. I do not eat where Pork is served purely because I believe there is always some contamination while cooking, I cook myself so I know what happens when you cook things together. I prefer to be on the safer side as this is about our akhirah and cannot be taken lightly.

I also avoid places where alcohol is served. I understand that there is less or no chances of contamination but it’s just something I believe or follow. So none of the restaurants below will have pork or alcohol served at their premises.

Halal monitoring committee (HMC) only provide certificates to places who don’t sell Haram products and also do 100% non-stun poultry and meat, for this reason I prefer HMC approved restaurants.

I don’t mind non-HMC approved Halal restaurants as long as no pork or alcohol is served and the owner is Muslim. I have mentioned the Certification body for each of the restaurant reviewed below.

A Google Map of all the HMC restaurants in the UK


  1. Saffron Kitchen: When it comes to good food, good ambiance, good snacks, good halal drinks (mocktails) and good desserts there are very few restaurants which can fit the bill. Saffron Kitchen is one of those where you can just enjoy everything you can eat or drink. The starters here are the best I could find anywhere in the UK, specially the lamb chops and chilli chips. From the mains I would recommend Tiger Prawn Tower or Chicken Roulade. All this with Fresh Lime / Strawberry Mojito.
    1. Location: 300 Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, E10 7LD
    2. Contact Number: 020 8988 1446
    3. Certification: HMC
    4. Rating: 8/10
    5. Website: http://www.saffronkitchen.co.uk
    6. Type: Steakhouse and Indian/Pakistani dishes
  2. Tayyabs: One of the oldest Halal restaurants in London, founded in 1972, serves the best Indian/Pakistani cuisine. I love the lamb chops and Karahe Ghosh here, its got a very traditional Indian/Pakistani flavor to the food. Mango lassi can go very well with the food and kulfi can be enjoyed after the food. One of the must try restaurants in London for Indian/Pakistani cuisine. Note: There is always a queue over here but expect to be seated withing 30 mins of arrival.
    1. Location: 83-89 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel E1 1JU
    2. Contact Number: 020 7247 6400
    3. Certification: Meat Supplier is HMC approved (No HMC Certificate available)
    4. Rating: 8/10
    5. Website: http://www.tayyabs.co.uk
    6. Type: Indian/Pakistani Cuisine
  3. Sahara Grill: This restaurant doesn’t need an introduction. Best known for its steak and its lovely ambiance where you can relax and wind down while one of the best steak in town. I personally prefer the Beef T-Bone steak but if you are a chicken fan then Sahara Chicken Steak is a must to try. Lamb chops for starters goes without saying or chicken tenders for the chicken lovers.
    1. Location: Leyton, Ilford and Whitechapel
    2. Contact Number: 020 8558 6444
    3. Certification: No Certification (Meat comes from shops certified by Irish Islamic Society (Beef), Sharia Halal Board (Chicken) and Halal Food Authority (Lamb)
    4. Rating: 9/10
    5. Website: http://www.saharagrill.co.uk
    6. Type: Steakhouse
  4. Maedah Grill: Now if you are looking for a Halal Turkish meal, then Maedah grill is the best you can find. Although no where near the authentic Turkish food you can find in Turkey, this is the closest you Turkish Halal food you can find in East London. There is quite a lot here to choose from here but my personal favorite is the plain Houmous and some of the lamb dishes like Beyti Lamb, although I can go with any of the dishes here if I am in the mood of eating Turkish food.
    1. Location: 42 Fieldgate St, Whitechapel, E1 1ES
    2. Contact Number: 020 7377 0649
    3. Certification: HMC
    4. Rating: 8/10
    5. Website: http://www.maedahgrill.net
    6. Type: Turkish Cuisine
  5. Maida: A restaurant with the same name but a very different cuisine. An Indo-Chinese menu and some of the best mocktails combined with a nice ambiance makes it a perfect place for a nice dinner eat out. Love the Murgh malai tikka, Tawa Machli, Grilled Jhinga, Shredded beef , mango lassi, ras malai, range of moctails, I can keep going about this place as its got so much to offer, be it Indian or Chinese.They also do wedding catering, if you are interested.
    1. Location: 148-150 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6DG
    2. Contact Number: 020 7739 2645
    3. Certification: HMC
    4. Rating: 8/10
    5. Website: http://www.maida-restaurant.co.uk
    6. Type: Indian/Chinese Cuisine
  6. Proper Burger: This has to be one of my favorite Burger joints. A good choice of burgers, different from the traditional style burgers, with options for Chicken or Steak. I loved the Bella Mafia burger and Proper Chips which comes with Beef Brisket (shredded Beef). They also have some nice cocktails and desserts to go along with the burger. A definite must visit for all the burger lovers.
    1. Location: 706 Lea Bridge Rd, Leyton E10 6AW
    2. Contact Number: 020 8558 0876
    3. Certification: HMC
    4. Rating: 8/10
    5. Website: http://www.properburgerslondon.com
    6. Type: American style Burgers
  7. HS&Co: An authentic steak house serving Halal Irish Steak cooked on the famous Josper Grill. If you want to enjoy pure Halal steak without much of marinades then this place is where you should head to.  A lovely ambiance for family outings where you can sit and enjoy great food from steaks to burgers and end with some lovely pudding desserts.
    1. Location: 405 High St, London E15 4QZ
    2. Contact Number: 020 8555 3322
    3. Certification: HMC but no certificate available
    4. Rating: 8/10
    5. Website: http://hsandco.co.uk
    6. Type: Steakhouse
  8. Brioche Burger: Another great Burger place around East London and the only HMC place to do Aberdeen Angus Beef.  They also have some good choice of burgers but I would rate them after Proper Burgers due to various reasons. But that doesn’t mean they are not good. They also do some really nice wings. The steak is slightly on the expensive side as its Aberdeen Angus Beef. I would go for Cojack in Beef Burger and Birds of Feather in Chicken.  They also do some nice cocktails and desserts to go along with the burger. Just next to it is The Urban Chocalotier for all your desserts and sweets needs.
    1. Location: East Shopping Centre, 232 Green St, London E7 8LE / 154 Hoe St, Walthamstow E17 4QH
    2. Contact Number: 020 3816 0790 / 020 3674 6106
    3. Certification: HMC
    4. Rating: 7/10
    5. Website: http://www.briocheburger.com/london/
    6. Type: American style Burgers & Steak
  9. Loaded Gourmet Burger: If you have tried both Proper Burgers and Brioche Burgers and are still hungry for some more Burgers but want to try out something different, then Loaded burgers can just fill your appetite for burgers. It has a wide range of burgers and also you can make your own burger by choosing what you want for the filling. It’s also got Ribs, Wings and Sausages in Brioche Bun if you don’t fancy the burgers, along with some really nice non-alcoholic cocktails. Another nice burger joint for the burger lovers.
    1. Location: 68 Cranbrook Rd, Ilford IG1 4NH
    2. Contact Number: 020 8514 5299
    3. Certification: HMC
    4. Rating: 6/10
    5. Website: http://loadedburgers.co.uk
    6. Type: American style Burgers
  10. Steakout: Steakout is a good family restaurant where you can get a bit of everything to suit different taste buds. From steaks, burgers, Peri peri chicken, pies to veggies, there’s a lot of variety to choose from. And if you are a fan of spicy eating then you can enter their challenge to eat 8 hot wings in 8 minutues in return for £30 off on your bill. They also serve some good mocktails and smoothies.
    1. Location: 150 The Grove, London E15 1NS
    2. Contact Number: 020 8534 1727
    3. Certification: HMC (No certificate displayed on shop)
    4. Rating: 6/10
    5. Website: http://www.steakoutuk.com
    6. Type: Steakhouse
  11. Masak Malaysian Kitchen (Closed): One of the finest Malaysian cuisine restaurant in East London. The restaurant is a bit small but the ambiance is really nice and suitable for couples or family. Although its not a HMC certified restaurant, they don’t serve any non-Halal products (pork or drinks) and they have confirmed that all their meat comes from Tariq Halal Meat. I really liked the Sup Elkor (Oxtail and potato soup).
    1. Location: 434 High Rd Leyton, London E10 6QE
    2. Contact Number: 020 3105 8134
    3. Certification: N/A (All meat comes from Tariq Halal Meat)
    4. Rating: 7/10
    5. Website: http://www.masak.co.uk
    6. Type: Malaysian Cuisine
  12. Lost Asia: A very similar restaurant to Sahara Grill steak house is Lost Asia. I love the ambiance here and the steak grill food but the best part about this restaurant is that it has a Sheesha lounge at the back where you can just relax and smoke some nice flavored sheesha’s.I would recommend the Sirloin steak over here. They also have some nice desserts and mocktails.
    1. Location: 662 Lea Bridge Rd, Leyton, UK E10 6AP
    2. Contact Number: 020 8556 7766
    3. Certification: HMC
    4. Rating: 7/10
    5. Website: https://twitter.com/lostasialounge
    6. Type: Steakhouse
  13. Big Moe’s Diner: If you are looking for a Halal American dining experience in East London then there is only one place to go to, that is Big Moe’s Diner. They do have some nice starters so best is to go for their all in one Big Moe’s Platter for starters. I love the Full rack of ribs for the mains but there is quite a lot which you can choose from. Root beer (non-alcoholic) is something to try out here. The dinner here never finished without a good big Banana and peanut butter milkshake.
    1. Location: 3, Newham Leisure Park, Jenkins Ln, Barking, G11 0AD
    2. Contact Number: 020 8591 8127
    3. Certification: HMC
    4. Rating: 7/10
    5. Website: http://bigmoesdiner.co.uk
    6. Type: American style Steakhouse/Diner
  14. Masala Chai Nashta: Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch. If I go out for breakfast then it has to be at Chai Nashta. I love this place. They offer some really nice breakfast, whether you prefer the desi style with puri and keema or the full english with sausages and egg. They also server some brunch/lunch type food like roast lamb or chicken wrap. I love their halwa puri, it’s definitely worth a try but they only do it on the weekends. Masala chai comes with all their breakfast option. If you are looking to have a good breakfast then look no further.
    1. Location: 90A Upton Ln, Forest Gate, London E7 9LW
    2. Contact Number: 020 8552 2421
    3. Certification: HMC
    4. Rating: 7/10
    5. Website: https://www.facebook.com/chai1nashta/
    6. Type: Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch
  15. Hilal Restaurant (Turkish): There are very few Turkish restaurants that are HMC certified and serves good turkish food. Hilal is one of them. It serves good authentic turkish food, have a good decent ambiance for family outing and a very good customer service. If you 2 or more than definitely go for the Hilal Mixed grill to try out all what they have to offer. Parking shouldn’t be a problem here, they also have prayer area for Salah. And don’t forget to ask for complementary turkish tea before you pay.
    1. Location: 229 Fore St, Upper Edmonton, London N18 2TZ
    2. Contact Number: 020 8807 9821
    3. Certification: HMC
    4. Rating: 7/10
    5. Website: http://hilalrestaurants.com
    6. Type: Turkish Cuisine
  16. Mexican Grille: The only HMC approved Mexican cuisine restaurant in East London. If you want to try something different then this could be one of the restaurants you should give it a go. They serve some really nice Burrito, Fajita, Quesadillas, Enchiladas and much more. The ambiance is good and suitable for couples or family. They also serve nice mocktails and desserts.
    1. Location: 194 Mile End Rd, London E1 4LJ
    2. Contact Number: 020 3638 0799
    3. Certification: HMC
    4. Ration: 7/10
    5. Website: http://mexicangrille.co.uk
    6. Type: Mexican Cuisine
  17. Carne Cabana: The only HMC approved Brazilian restaurant in East London. A must for all the meat lovers. If you just want to eat meat & chicken and want to eat loadsssss of it then you must visit Carne Cabana. It is a Brazilian Rodizio (all you can eat) style restaurant. You pay £21.95 (Adult) & £9.95 (Kids) and eat how much you want. You also get 2 starters which you can choose from a list of options. They serve a variety of chicken, lamb and beef, I really liked the Chilli beef, garlic beef & bbq wings. The ambiance is good and suitable for couples or family. They also serve nice mocktails and desserts. And don’t forget to ask for Grilled pineapples.
    1. Location: 142 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6DG
    2. Contact Number: 020 3868 6123
    3. Certification: HMC
    4. Ration: 7/10
    5. Website: http://carnecabana.co.uk
    6. Type: Brazilian
  18. Director’s Cut: For Steaks, Cakes and Shakes. A good place with a nice ambience just opposite to the Empire Cinema in Walthamstow. This is one of the restaurants who does HMC Full English Breakfast. They have a wide range of options in their Menu to choose from which includes Steaks, Burgers, Cakes and Shakes (including some really nice Halal drinks). All in all a good place with good food and nice ambience. Oh and a special steak i.e. Grilled Salmon Steak.
    1. Location: 224 High St, London E17 7JH
    2. Contact Number: 020 8520 2927
    3. Certification: HMC (HMC certification has been removed lately)
    4. Raiting: 6/10
    5. Website: http://dcfoods.co.uk/
    6. Type: Steaks, Cakes and Shakes
  19. Jungle Braai: If you are looking for a budget steak house which servers equally good food as their expensive counterpart then this is the place for you. It has a very unique BBQ sauce for its chicken and lamb. My favorite here is Braai sauce chips, braai lamb chops, Peri Peri chicken and shakas burger. They also serves a very nice salad with chicken called Jungle salad.  For drinks I would go for Zobo’s African mocktail or any of the Freeze mocktails. Recently they have started serving milk shakes.
    1. Location: Wood Street (Walthamstow) and Whitechapel
    2. Contact Number: 020 7247 0073
    3. Certification: HMC
    4. Raiting: 6/10
    5. Website: http://www.junglebraai.com
    6. Type: Steakhouse (African theme)
  20. Thainese: A very unique blend of Thai, Chinese and Singaporean dishes. The food here has a very different and a unique flavor to it and the price is very reasonable. I prefer the Tom Yum Kung soup and the Black Pepper sauce beef noodles.
    1. Location: 313A Hoe St, London E17 9BG
    2. Contact Number: 020 8509 9668
    3. Certification: HMC
    4. Rating: 6/10
    5. Website: http://www.thainese.co.uk
    6. Type: Chinese/Thai Cuisine
  21. The Grill Corner: If you are looking for a good steakhouse along with some Indian/Pakistani curry dishes topped up with some really nice desserts, then Grill Corner is a place to consider. Located in Greent Street this place is always busy on a weekend but the wait is not that long. I like their lamb chops and BBQ wings but there are other dishes which are also good.
    1. Location: 2, Carlton Terrace, Green St, E7 8LH
    2. Contact Number: 020 8471 9426
    3. Certification: HMC (Al Badia – HMC approved Halal Meat provider)
    4. Rating: 6/10
    5. Website: http://www.thegrillcorner.co.uk
    6. Type: Steakhouse + Indian/Pakistani curries
  22. Empire Cafe Lounge: A newly opened restaurant in Walthamstow with a really nice ambience and a sheesha lounge at the back. The first time I went I really enjoy the food specially the Grill Chicken but my second visit was not that great as I ordered some Indian curries as well and that didn’t turn out that good. So I let you guys to try it out and let me know how you find it. One thing I can say that the ambiance is nice and the restaurant is spacious with lots of parking outside. Update: I have heard this is now a Turkush/Greek restaurant, I haven’t tried the food here, if you have please feel free to post your views in the comments below.
    1. Location: 20 Woodford New Rd, Woodford, London E18 2QD
    2. Contact Number: 020 8556 6677
    3. Certification: HMC
    4. Rating: 6/10
    5. Website: https://www.facebook.com/EmpireE17/
    6. Type: Steakhouse + Indian/Pakistani curries
  23. Zaiqa (Closed): When it comes to Buffet there are only few restaurants in East London which can live upto expectations. It has good ambiance, diverse indian cuisine and location is very convenient. The food has a very distinct traditional taste, from starters ranging from papri chaat to fish pakoras and tandoori chicken. Their mains can range between various curries and rice dishes and occasionally they have nihari. They also serve traditional deserts.
    1. Location: 328 Hoe St, London, E17 9PX
    2. Contact Number: 020 8521 6789
    3. Certification: HMC
    4. Rating: 6/10
    5. Website: https://www.facebook.com/zaiqarestaurantwalthamstow/
    6. Type: Indian/Pakistani Cuisine Buffet
  24. Spice Village: Another Indian/Pakistani Buffet which has branches across London. Traditional Indian/Pakistani food with some Chinese dishes. I was disappointed a bit with this as they didn’t have all the dishes which they have mentioned on their website, some desserts were also missing. Overall the food was good, I liked the Nihari and Chicken Sweetcorn soup from the menu. All the desserts were nice. I was a bit disappointed with the seekh kebabs as I was expecting it to be really nice as it was recommended by a few. Ambiance is good for a family visit, with parking available just outside of the restaurant.
    1. Location: 266-268 High Rd, Ilford IG1 1QF
    2. Contact Number: 020 8553 1177
    3. Certification: HMC
    4. Rating: 6/10
    5. Website: www.spicevillage.co.uk
    6. Type: Indian/Pakistani Cuisine Buffet
  25. Riverside Lounge: Initially it was a buffet but now its a Gourmet Burger place with a wide range of burger options. The burgers ranges from Chicken, Beef and Fish with each option having a wide range with different combinations to try. If you are up for a chilly challenge then I would recommend Chilli Challange Beef burger or Baba Naga Chicken burger with Naga Chilli. The ambiance is lovely to visit with family and friends. They also have a Sheesha lounge outside.
    1. Location: 1 New River Ave, London N8 7QD
    2. Contact Number: 020 8050 2027
    3. Certification: HMC
    4. Rating: 6/10
    5. Website: http://www.riversidelounge.co.uk
    6. Type: Gourmet Burger


  1. Roosters Piri Piri: In short its a Halal (HMC) Nandos. Very similar to Nandos Peri Peri style juicy succulent Chicken. A must try for all the Peri Peri flavor lovers. They serve 4 different flavors of chicken and all have the peri peri flavor bursting out of it. They also have peri peri burgers, steak and wraps in their menu. A good ambiance and a very nice presentation to serve the food. This place is like a nice little restaurant much like the take-away style but not exactly a take-away with a reasonable price menu. Walthamstow branch is HMC certified.
    1. Location: 218 Hoe St, Walthamstow, London E17 3AY
    2. Contact Number: 020 8509 1899
    3. Certification: HMC (No longer HMC)
    4. Rating: 6/10
    5. Website: http://www.roosterspiripiri.com/
    6. Type: Nando’s style take-away
  2. German Doner Kebab: If you are looking for a Doner Kebab type take-away then look no further, this is by far the best doner kebab I have ever had. If you are looking for a nice, quick and cheap lunch or dinner then you should give this place a try. They offer plenty to choose from and also have a nice little seating arrangement where you can sit and eat. I really like their Doner box which comes with doner, chips and salad.
    1. Location: 94 Cranbrook Rd, Ilford IG1 4NH
    2. Contact Number: 020 8911 8290
    3. Certification: German Halal Certificate
    4. Rating: 7/10
    5. Website: http://www.germandonerkebab.com
    6. Type: Doner kebab take-away
  3. Pepe’s Peri Peri: This is my all time favorite take-away shop. None can beat Pepe’s take-away Peri Peri style chicken with nice fresh chips. But my favorite here is Prime Pita i.e. Chicken Fillet in Pita bread with salad and sauces. It’s got loads of other options to choose from. The ambiance is nice to sit and eat with family or you can order a free delivery at home.
    1. Location: 226 Hoe St, Walthamstow, London E17 3AY
    2. Contact Number: 020 3609 1326
    3. Certification: HMC
    4. Rating: 7/10
    5. Website: http://www.pepes.co.uk
    6. Type: Nando’s style take-away
  4. Min Hiba: If you love Shawarma’s and miss the shawarma you had in the Middle east then you should try the Shawarma from Mini Hiba. They serve authentic Iraqi/Palestinian shawarmas and much more. The don’t have much of seating to sit and eat but they do deliver to home around Walthamstow. I specially like the Lamb Shawarma with chips and garlic dip. Definitely one of the best Arabic Lamb shawarmas around.
    1. Location: Golden Parade, 2, Wood St, London E17 3HU
    2. Contact Number: 020 8521 3536
    3. Certification: HMC supplier (No certificate available)
    4. Rating: 6/10
    5. Website: https://www.hiba-express.co.uk/mini-hiba
    6. Type: Arabic take-away
  5. Five Lads: This is another good take-away shop. Best known for its Peri Peri style Chicken, Wings and Burgers. I love the Gourmet Burger here, it has a really nice flavor to it. The ambiance is also nice to sit and eat with family or you can order a free delivery at home.
    1. Location: 308 High Rd Leyton, London E10 5PW
    2. Contact Number: 020 8556 2666
    3. Certification: HMC
    4. Rating: 7/10
    5. Website: https://twitter.com/fiveladsuk
    6. Type: Nando’s style take-away
  6. BBQ Express: Another take-away which can be considered for some nice lamb burgers or peri-peri style chicken. The reason I have this on my list is for their Lamb Burgers and a different style sauce for peri peri grilled chicken. The ambiance is not so bad to sit and eat but I wouldn’t advise it for family.
    1. Location: 826 High Rd Leyton, London E10 6AE
    2. Contact Number: 020 8556 2666
    3. Certification: HMC
    4. Rating: 5/10
    5. Website: http://www.bbq-express.com
    6. Type: Nando’s style take-away

Still to come:

  • Chaudary’s Buffet (198-202 Fore St, Edmonton, London N18 2JD) (HMC)
  • Pakhtoonkhwa Restaurant (Ilford) (HMC)
  • Hyderabad Darbar (Green Street) (HMC)
  • Firebean Mexican Kitchen (Gants Hill – HMC)
  • The Second Wife (Upton lane – HMC)
  • Grill Hut – Goodmayes
  • Gourmet Grill – Seven Kings/Ilford
  • Pie Republic – Forest Gate
  • Le Madison – Whitechapel (HMC)

Please feel free to leave a comment below with any restaurants in East London not in the above list which I should try out.