HMC Vs HFA : An Unbiased discussion & comparison

HMC : Halal Monitoring Committee

HFA: Halal Food Authority

The goal of both the above organisation is to provide assurance to the Muslim Community that the food they are consuming is Halal (permissible) to consume.

Over the recent years there has been a lot of discussions, debates and arguments over which Halal certification body is correctly following the Shariah.

Here in this article we summarize the arguments put forward by both the certification body and let the readers decide what they consider as Halal to consume for them and their family.

What does Halal Meat mean to them?


  • Animal is alive and healthy prior to slaughter (also correct species of animal)
  • Mandatory recitation of Tasmiyah by a Muslim slaughter man (blessing) on each animal
  • Swift and humane incision rendering the animal insensible to pain (hand slaughter)
  • Compliance check ensuring 3 of the 4 main vessels are cut (Source link: HMC)


  • An animal should not be dead prior to slaughter
  • A Muslim should perform slaughter (All slaughter is manually carried out by Muslim slaughterman/men whilst Bismillahi-Allahu Akbar is recited  (Source link: HFA))
  • Any flowing blood of the carcass should be completely drained
  • Choice of modern and in vogue method has to be considered with caution and, it should be in line with Islamic principles (Source link: HFA)

Do they do Mechanical slaughter by machines?

HMC: No (Source link: HMC)

HFA: No (Source link: HFA)

Do they have Muslim Slaugtherman/men performing the slaughter?

HMC: Yes, all slaughtermen are practising Muslims holding a valid slaughter license (Source link: HMC)

HFA: Yes, all slaughter is manually carried out by Muslim slaughterman/men (Source link: HFA)

Do they stun the animal before slaughtering?


HFA: Yes, Halal Food Authority allows controlled electric stun-with-minuscule amperage, with official Veterinary Surgeon validating that the animal or the birds do not die prior to slaughtering. No stunning to kill. (Source link: HFA)

There are two types of electric stunning that Halal Food Authority approves:

  1. Water-bath Stun – for Poultry
  2. Electric-Tong Stun – for Ovine meat

Is stunning permissible as per the Islamic Law (Shariah)?

HMC: Yes, as long as the animal doesn’t die due to stunning (before slaughtering) (Source link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz7xmPg62gU)

HFA: Yes

How do they guarantee that all animals are alive before slaughtering?

HMC: Not Applicable

HFA:  Various tests and investigations have been carried out by ourselves in conjunction with the University of Bristol to deduce the voltage at which poultry can be stunned without being killed by said stun – and these currents have been duly put into practice. We also have HFA representatives present at plants and slaughterhouses to ensure that all animals are alive at the time of slaughter. Should the incredibly unlikely occurrence of an animal being killed by the stun occur, this animal will be swiftly removed from the halal production line. (Source: Mr Saqib Mohammed, Chief Executive & HFA)

Do their slaughter houses have pigs slaughtered in the same plant?

HMC: No (Source link: HMC)

HFA: No (Source link: HFA)